Table of contents

This document describes how to install the Quantum Information Access software in order to develop and run experiments.


  • git is a source versionning system, and will allow you to download the sources of the QIA project
  • maven: This java build tool will automatically download and prepare You can download it from

    The following tools are necessary to run experiments:

  • experimaestro (to run most experiments described in the QIA papers) is a tool that manages and schedules experiment related jobs
  • ircollections (to run IR adhoc experiments) is a tool that helps to manage and run IR experiments

    The following might be useful to develop:

  • Eclipse, with the following add-ons: * m2eclipse (Maven integration) * egit (git integration)

Compiling & installing

First check-out the sources by typing (you should create a directory that will contain files relative to the QIA framework and cd into it):

git clone git:// qia-utils
git clone git:// qia

Alternatively, if you want to ignore git information, you can type

git archive --remote=git:// --prefix=qia/  master | tar x
git archive --remote=git:// --prefix=qia-utils/  master | tar x

Simply type

mvn -f qia-utils/pom.xml install
mvn -f qia/pom.xml assembly:assembly

You can now run the main executable for renaissance

bash qia/target/renaissance-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-bin/scripts/renaissance